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Filmgate VFX is part of Filmgate-Films - providing a broad range of services including Co-producing, Commercials and IT innovations.

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We take on full VFX intensive feature films as well as short on demand formats, even down to a single shot that needs that final touch. Our 10+ years experience in the digital media business combined with our in-house VFX pipeline written in Python guarantees an efficient and reliable workflow. Services we offer:

▪ Final image compositing (The Foundry Nuke®)
▪ Matte Painting, Still image touchup (Adobe Photoshop®)
▪ Paint and Cleanup (The Foundry Nuke®)
▪ Rotoscoping (The Foundry Nuke®)
▪ CG; Modelling/Rigging/Animation/Lighting/Shading/Rendering (Autodesk Maya®, Chaosgroup V-Ray® and others)
▪ Matchmoving (PFTrack® and others)
▪ Online; DI/Conform/Edit/Grading/Online (Avid® and others)
▪ Consulting; Nuke/Maya/DI/Edit/Grade (Including hardware and software, Gothenburg & Stockholm area)

The following pages describes how to prepare and send us a request for work, review and get the shots delivered back to you.

Filmgate offers on demand VFX services, with fast turn around times, to get your film finished on time. Simply fill in and send us the VFX excel sheet together with all available reference material.

Post a request for work:

  1. Start by putting down the shots, properly named, in a sheet. Download our template excel sheet optimized for import into our VFX pipeline.
  2. Collect reference material such as images, movies (we prefer Quicktime format). Outline, preferably by sketching ontop of the images, clearly stating what is needed to be done. Se Upload section for task specific guidelines on what we need.
  3. Assign a project name, point out the time for deadline. And also when possible provide information on cameras used to shoot/resolution/colourspace etc.
  4. Send us the package, together with your contact details, either by E-mail ( directly or using a transfer service like WeTransfer.
  5. Filmgate VFX will confirm your E-mail and start look into your request, note that our office hours is 09.00 - 17.00 (CET+1). We usually reply outside office hours, attempt giving us a call if no response by E-mail.
  6. We will reach back to you and present an offer breaking down the project with regards to time estimations and costs.


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When we have worked out the terms of project and we received an approval of our offer, Filmgate is ready to take on the work. Next step would be to upload the footage/material to us.

Upload material to Filmgate

Upon project launch, you will get access to SFTP|HTTPS:// with instructions on how to proceed upload material. To be able to as efficient as possible, and depending on the task, we require as much material and metadata provided as possible:

For detailed turnover information, please refer to the Filmgate Transfer Manual. When the upload has finished, notify us by E-mail and we will start import the material into our VFX pipeline. Our artists will then start working and send back shots for your approval.

Review work

Usually, we send a list of shots to review at the end of a work day. Review takes place online using the built in review tool in our project management system. Quicktime proxies for review and the high resolution images will also be made available on our SFTP server. Please note that the high resolution images will have watermarks burned in. These watermarks will be removed upon successful payment of invoice.

When the project is finished, we will send the invoice and are in stand by to deliver the final images.


When the VFX work is done, an invoice will be sent by E-mail. The invoice can be paid using bank wire transfer or by credit card using PayPal.

The pricing of our services varies depending on task complexity and the heads up you give us. That beeing said, our standard rates stretches from €100 - €200 per hour.

When invoice payment has been verified, a final delivery will be released providing the images once more without watermarks this time. If there are any further work to be done, it will be stated in a separate offer from Filmgate, covered by an additional invoice.

Consulting, Green screen studio and Online

Filmgate offers the possibility to bring equipment and help out on-set or join an existing post production team in Gothenburg region, at a daily rate. Travel costs, licenses and cleanly installed Mac or PC workstation included.

Our friends @ Stiller Studios provide a complete Green screen studio equipped with several calibrated Motion Control rigs and a Motion Capture system allowing precise control and data retreival for your most advanced shots.

Of course we provide DI services, editing and online/grade both at our Gothenburg facility in collaboration with our partners CAN film and in Stockholm through Terrassen Post.

Contact us below for availability and pricing.

Contact Filmgate

Feel free to call us or E-mail us questions regarding our services, support issues or proposals for improvements!

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